Who Is Rosie?


Excuse the horrible quality of the photo. The only thing I own is a webcam. Anyway, that’s me! Where do I start? Before I was into writing simlit, I was into rping (Roleplay). I wasn’t into writing for my sims until the end of last year. I think it was around October. I found a few Facebook groups and started sharing my gameplay. Back then I wasn’t an expert in The Sims. I didn’t use mods or anything. I had played the first one only slightly, then I got Sims 3 and played it on and off over the years. I wasn’t really into the game until I found those groups, then I started downloading custom content and writing. Now lately I’ve been on and off with simlit. I even had a wordpress before this one, and a tumblr that did fairly well. However, I have high hopes that this is the one for me.