Only One Wish: 2.30 (Sebastian’s POV)

I was surprised when I heard loud footsteps around the bushes behind me. I didn’t have to look to know it was Kelly. He peered around at me and I kept looking forward until he set down next to me. I let out a long sigh before turning to him. “It’s way past your bedtime, Red.”

He gave me a defiant pout in return. “You told me to come back.”

“I said next weekend, not the next night. What would you have done if I wasn’t here?”

“I figured you would be,” he replied. I couldn’t help but grin. There was definitely some sass hidden deep in there. Now all I had to do was figure out how to bring it to the surface.

“What can I do for you then?”

“Tell me why you’re here so late.”

“I get bored in my house.”

He leaned closer. “Where do you even live? I never see you in school.”

“Oh, I live in Newcrest. I go to a fancy private school. My parents are pretty loaded.”

“Cool,” he said, leaning away. “My mom makes money by ranting online about movies she hates.”

“That sounds way cooler.”

“I think so, but she always tells me to get a real job.”

I stand to my feet and turn to him. “Hey, you should go home before your mom finds you missing.”

“I just got here.”

“I’ll be here tomorrow.”

He stood to his feet and stepped closer. “Really? Or are you going to pull a fast one on me?”

With a smirk, I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a hug. “That fast enough?” He didn’t reply, probably too stunned to speak. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around me and I just took it all in. Was it weird to like hugging him so much? It didn’t feel weird at all…

He stepped back quickly, his eyes wide and his cheeks red. “Bye!” he said in a rush before scurrying away.

“See you tomorrow, Red!” I called after him.


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