Only One Wish: 2.33 (Kelly’s POV)

I didn’t know what to say, but I think my blush gave me away. Mom and Vanessa started talking a million miles a minute and I kept my gaze averted. They could tell my feelings just by my reactions. How were they so good at this? Is it because they’re girls? Were girls really that perceptive, or is it a mom thing? After all, Vanessa was going to be one soon.

“Uh,” I piped up, looking to my feet. “C-can I ask a question?” All eyes were instantly on me when I looked up. “What do you guys think of kissing?”

Vanessa grinned. “Oh, did your little friend kiss you?” Her question instantly prompted my father to stand up.

“What!? First Vanessa gets married without telling us, now my son has his first crush and is kissing!? Next your mother’s going to tell me she’s pregnant.” He looked at her and she glared back.

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“Of course not.” He quickly looked away.

I sighed. “Mom? Dad? I just want to know…is it strange to like kissing another boy?”

Before they even had a chance to reply, Vanessa put a hand on my shoulder. “Not at all. If anyone ever tells you it is, tell me and I’ll gladly kick their ass.”

“Vanessa,” Grape said with a frown. “Language.”


“Good enough.”

I smile and look around at my family as they laugh and reassure me that there’s nothing wrong with my feelings. I somehow manage to get away from them and back to my room, their laughter and chatter still piercing through my walls. I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have been born into such a lovely family. My mother still isn’t good at this parenting thing, and my dad is a little absentminded about everything, but I think they did okay. At least I’m not dead yet. I mean, mom being kidnapped and Vanessa being an adult when her brain is still that of a child are completely different issues.

“My family is strange.”


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