Only One Wish: 2.34 (Sebastian’s POV)

I wonder if Kelly can’t stop thinking about me. I can’t seem to get him out of my head, so it would only be fair if I was stuck in his thoughts all the time. I think about him when we’re apart and even more when we’re together. Could this be considered a romance? We hold hands and talk about our day apart before lying in the grass together. Apparently his sister is expecting a baby. They also know about me and told him how wonderful it is that we’re close friends.

“Just friends?” I asked as I looked him in the eyes.

He didn’t look away. “D-do you think we’re not?”

“I think we’re more than friends. I really like you.”

“I like you, too.” I smiled and leaned in closer. I wanted to kiss him again, but then an obnoxious voice called my name. I quickly looked away from Kelly and to the man I knew as my butler, Raj. His stern gaze was on us, his lips in a permanent frown of distaste.

“Sebastian Jeremy Hart,” he said as he came over and pulled me to my feet. “What are you doing with this lowly thing?”

“Excuse you!” I snapped back .”His name is Kelly and he’s far classier than you’ll ever be.”

“You are in so much trouble. I knew you were sneaking out, but I had no idea it was this far from home. How dare you associate with people beneath you. Your parents will be most displeased.” I glowered at him, but he yanked me away.

“W-wait!” called Kelly as he scrambled to his feet and watched with wide eyes.

“You are to never speak to the young master again.”

“What!? But…but..” he stuttered, breathing hard with his eyes still wide.

“Kelly?” I questioned.

“Come along now. He is none of your concern.”

I yank away from his grasp and quickly go over to Kelly’s side. “Red, are you okay? Speak to me and tell me what’s wrong.”


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