Only One Wish: 2.37 (Kelly’s POV)

I went back to the park the next night against my mother’s wishes and waited. I waited and waited until the sun came up. My mother came to wait with me at some point, afraid to leave me alone. She didn’t say anything as we waited, because there was nothing she could say.

After the sun rose, my mother silently got up and gestured for us to leave. I hung my head and resisted the urge to cry.

“Don’t look so sad,” said a voice from beside me. Quickly, I jumped to my feet and turned to face the stranger. His skin was two-toned and his smile was kind. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“H-hi,” I replied meekly.

“Why so sad?” he asked.

“My friend can’t come to see me anymore. His butelr won’t let him.”

The boy scoffed. “That’s stupid. If I had a friend, I’d do anything to see them no matter what my butler said.”

“Do you have a butler?”

He shook his head before standing to his feet and gesturing wildly with his hands. “I have a cowplant. I named her Betty. She eats trespassers.”

I smiled gently. “My name is Kelly.”

“Akira,” he replied, putting out his hand. “Akira Kibo. Pleasure to meet ya.”


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