In A Heartbeat


I made these Sims for my 50 followers gift on Tumblr, and now here they are for you as well. Since my FB page is closing in on 130 followers, might as well get a head start on that!


They’re inspired by the cuties from that animated short In A Heartbeat. Yes, I am super lame and they kind of look the same because I made one first, then used him as a base. I swear, it’s not because I’m lazy or anything (it truly is). I did it that way because I wanted to follow the character design close enough, but you know…they’re cartoons and they make one face for all the faces.

Anywho, this is Sherwin David and Jonathan Bravo. I actually didn’t pull those names out of my ass. I found that those are the actual first names of the characters. The last names are the designers that worked on them…because why not!?

You may download them and use them however you please, with or without CC. Below are all the things you’ll need, including a link to a folder of the sliders I use. I really hate doing it this way and always link to the OP, but some of the sliders I have aren’t available anymore. Most of them are from OneEuroMatt, so know that I appreciate you!!! However, I’m sure most of you already have all of these sliders and more, in which case it doesn’t even matter!





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